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All speakers used by Jensen Sound are custom built.

Currently operating with the 6th generation of Speakers, as technology has advanced the Speakers have changed to keep pace.  The 5th generation of Speakers, capable of handling 600 Watts Average Power have been in use for several years.  In the 6th generation the physical configuration of the custom built aluminum Cabinets themselves has not changed, but the internal Speaker Elements have kept pace with technology and currently employ lightweight Neodymium Magnets in both the woofers and horn drivers.  Special Electronic Crossovers, and Acoustically Tuned Enclosures ensure the clearest Sound even at maximum power output.  The 6th generation Speakers are capable of handling 800 Watts per speaker and referred to as the "Butt Kickers", or words to that efffect.

Speakers by themselves cannot provide optimum coverage and clarity.  Speaker quantity and placement play equal parts in fulfilling the Sound requirement.  Through years of experience, Jensen Sound  can adapt the hardware to the physical environment, to maximize the effectiveness of the Sound System.  Center Hangs, Large Array Panels, and Distributed Clusters are just some of the methods used to integrate the equipment.

Gap Fillers (sound in the beer garden) with Acoustic Delay devices are also used where necessary to ensure echos and garble are minimized.