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Jensen Sound custom tailors the Sound System to the environment in which they will operate.  Pole Mounted Arrays, Center Hang Arrays, and Pedestal Mounted Arrays are the principle Speaker Systems used.

Amplifier Wattage will vary from 3,400 Watts to 20,400 Watts as dictated by the Speaker Array(s).

Dual Sound Computers, coupled with automated CD Event Clips, provide an unsurpassed repertoire of music.

Both Wired and Wireless Microphones, coupled with Wireless Monitors, round out the basics from the Hardware standpoint.

No Sound System is complete without an experienced, knowledgeable operator "behind the wheel".  I have been in the Arena Sound business for over 15 years (previously  with Jerry Jensen) and you can rest assured that the I have a thorough knowledge of the Hardware capabilities and limitations, and a firm grasp on integrating the Music with the Announcer, Events, and other variables.

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